Sunday, March 7, 2010

Katie and Becca's Bucket-list

After nearly two years of living with each other and only 1 quarter left before we go our separate ways my roommate Katie (her blog) and I decided to put together a bucket-list. No this isn't the before we die type of Bucket-list but more like before I graduate and she goes onto do her internship. San Luis Obispo county has so many things that we have always wanted to do but time flies by so fast that we really only have 3 more months to do all the things. We finally got started at checking them off but still have quiet a bit to get done. Here is our list so far(including completed):

1. go to the Madonna Inn for dinner 
This Inn is world famous. Every room is said to be decorated differently and the bathrooms are supposed to be really cool. So why not check it out?

2. go to The Cliffs Happy Hour (Fridays 1/2 off appetizers and free pizza)
This Happy Hour was so nice. I highly recommend it! The margarita's were $5 and were very tasty. Friday's are 1/2 off appetizers as well as FREE pizza! Yes, free pizza! And it was good too. The view was so nice and we were able to watch the sunset. Beautiful place and a lot of fun!

3. visit Montana de Oro State Park
I have heard that it is a beautiful place with plenty of great trails to explore!

4. make something at Red Hot Pottery
It is one of those pottery places that you can pick something and paint it how ever you want. After you decorate it however you want, you leave it there and they will fire it for you to set the decoration! Now all I need to do is think of what I want to make!

5. eat at Sylvester's in Los Osos
A friend recommended this place to us saying that it has the best mushroom burger and we will just have to see if that claim is true.
Katie and I went to dinner here tonight(4/3) and it was very good! Way too much food for both of us but delicious anyways. Katie had the Ranch Burger and I had the Mushroom Burger. Yummmm! Just don't go to eat here if you aren't prepared to get messy.
After: Obviously we didn't make much of a dent but it was worth the drive!

6. Bob Jones Bike Trail
We ran the bike trail and had a lot of fun. The trail takes you to Avilla Beach so we walked around by the Pier and looked at the shops, swung on the swings, then started running again. Round trip including walking was about 5 miles. The trail was very pretty with lots of greenery and plenty of other people were on it today!

8. watch a movie at The Sunset drive-in theater

9. go see the Elephant Seals out by Hearst Castle
It's supposedly mating season so there are a lot of them out there!

10. go to Palazo Guiseppe's Happy Hour
This is a very, very good restaurant! All of the food I have had here is amazing too. A week ago Katie, Aaron(my boyfriend), and I went to dinner there and were not let down. Their appetizers were enough food for 1 person so that helped keep the cost down. Katie and I both had cocktails and they were strong, at least the alcohol was better than what we are used to drinking so it wasn't bad. haha We saw that they have a happy hour and decided to add that to our list.

11. Hike to the Cal Poly "P"

Anything else we should add to the list?  Do you have any sort of list of fun things you've always wanted to do?