Sunday, December 6, 2009

Confessions of a Retired Sorority President

Yes, it's true; I am no longer the Collegiate Chapter President of my sorority!! Tonight I handed my gavel, binder, ritual book, and badge over to the incoming President and it felt so good! You know how people say that cliche phrase about "a huge weight being lifted off your chest?" that's how I feel! I totally feel like someone lifted 20lbs of something(most likely made of stress, responsibility, and emotions) right off my chest. It's like I can finally relax and breathe easy again. Although I am all smiles right now from passing on the torch, there is some bitter-sweetness.

After one year of being the President I have experienced and learned a lot. The year not only boosted my resume it gave me invaluable life experiences that will last me a life time. I have seen how I handle certain situations and how I deal with people, mainly difficult ones. When in a position of leadership/management around others in similar positions you get a good look and insight to peoples' "true" personalities as well as your own. Over the year I have learned how I could have dealt with people in a better and more delicate way. Yes I have been a bitch and sometimes I needed to be. I have had to put my foot down at times by pulling out the 'President card' but learned when to pick my battles and also wage my wars.

Something I wish I knew before taking the position were tips from some management books(I took a class this quarter on management). The books like the class textbook, Who Moved My Cheese and The One Minute Manager had great advice on how to be an effective manager and what to consider when being a manager. Any one who will be in a management position someday or is currently in one should definitely read The One Minute Manager. It is a simple but helpful read.

All in all being a sorority President was a very rewarding position. It pretty much forced me to grow up fast, live and breath my sorority for a year, realize what I was capable of and show me how much I really do care about things I invest myself in. I'm sure at the next chapter meeting it will hit me more that I'm not President anymore when I am sitting with the rest of the chapter but that is one of the things I am excited for. I can't wait to sit with my sisters during the chapter and reconnect with them.

Hopefully this year will be a lot easier on the new President and the Greek community as well as my sorority can continue on the same 'right' path set. I also hope that the new president has a lot of fun and gets the same rewards out of the upcoming year that I had with mine and even more. Times will be hard, stressful, overwhelming, emotional, tiring, and difficult but in the end it is worth it and I can't wait to see the strides my sorority will make in the next year under the leadership of our new President.

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