Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fortune Cookie

"Any doubts you may have will disappear early this month."

Wow! That was the perfect fortune for me at this time in my life since I do have some doubts. Since my senior year in high school I have known that I wanted to be a physical therapist. Not just thought that's what I wanted but actually KNEW it deep down in my heart it is the career for me. From then on, I have done everything that I could to make sure that my dream becomes a reality.

This 'everything' includes earning good grades in high school which got me into Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Grad schools required extra Chem, Bio, and Physics so I dutifully took them even though I loathed the subjects and received decent grades. Graduated with a 3.43 GPA having Dean's Honor List for 4 quarters. For a WHOLE year I was my Sorority's Collegiate Chapter President still maintaining my good grades(now my a different story). And to make grad schools happier I got observation hours from not one but TWO clinics and now even have volunteer hours in Mission Hospital's Acute Rehab Unit. In-patient hours are the golden ticket however, I got them too late to put them on all applications, expect CSULB which highly recommends them. I even had a Chapman Alumnae write a personal email to the department head for me (Chapman doesn't look at letters of recommendation).To top it all off, I even took two extra psychology classes to meet schools' prerequisites. Then got all my applications, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, and transcripts to the right places on time. But is it all good enough?!

Now all that seems like a lot but now that it is all done and the applications are finished, which was no walk in the park either, the hardest thing is waiting. Waiting to hear whether you're good enough, might be suitable, or no shot in hell to get in.

I recently had an interview with Western University of Health Sciences so that made me feel better that I was at least good enough for an interview. At the end of February I have another interview with University of St. Augustine but until then I'll be playing the waiting game.

What I'm really waiting for is to hear back from Chapman about whether or not I made the cut. February through March is the approximate time I could find out. CSULB is my second choice which is also the biggest stretch for me to get into, as I have 1 different biology course. Although, I've heard that they are more lax about prerequisites than they seem but I'll probably have to wait until April to find out from them.

Tom Petty had it right when he sang the song "The waiting is the hardest part." In that song the lyrics also include"Oh don't let it kill you baby, don't let it get to you." But the waiting is getting to me! It is killing me. Causing me doubts!!

I'm hoping that my fortune cookie from tonight holds up to its word. And hopefully it is talking about my doubts of getting into my dream school, Chapman and that it positively makes my doubts disappear(i.e. I get in). Until then, I will just wait because there is nothing else I can do!

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