Saturday, February 12, 2011


Before I start school again Aaron and I decided that we should take a trip/vacation together. After all, I'll be consumed with school for the next three years and won't have much of a life outside of studying. So far we have thought of three possible destinations:
  1. Las Vegas- It's only 4 hours away and we can get rooms for decent prices and won't have to travel far to find entertainment.
  2. Catalina- It's $66 round trip for the Boat ride to Avalon though since there are limited number of hotels there but decent enough for being close to the beach and we wouldn't have to rent a car or anything. Lots to do like hiking, snorkeling, or sun bathing. The night life is supposed to be decent too.
  3. San Diego- It is close and there is a lot to do down there. We'd save money on gas and could probably find a decently priced hotel close to the beach or wherever we'd want to be.
If anyone has any suggestions on where to stay, what to do, or even maybe somewhere else we should take a trip to I'd really appreciate it! :-)


natasha {schue love} said...

Hi Becca! I definitely recommend any of the three...though I'm most familiar with San Diego! Let me know where you ended up going! :)

Becca M said...

Thanks Natasha! I think it will either be Las Vegas or Catalina but maybe even a trip back to SLO would be nice. I'll keep you posted!