Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RE: Fortune Cookie

In response to my previous response, two hours after writing my post about doubts my dad brought in the mail. One of the envelopes was addressed to me from USC. I opened it expecting it to be a rejection letter since I thought I'd find out in April or May.

To my surprise...I GOT IN!! I was and still am in complete shock. USC is the number one ranked Physical Therapy school in the nation! I guess I shouldn't doubt myself so much and the fortune cookie was right. 

Even though I would love to have a USC degree, I sadly will have to decline my acceptance. It is $50,000/year for three years not including living expenses. It isn't the best area to live in and it's too far for a commute. Also they want a $1,000 deposit by February 11th, that's 8 days away.

Although it breaks my heart to have to turn down a USC degree, I will be holding out for the other cheaper schools which include Chapman University, CSU Long Beach, Western University of Health Sciences, and St. Augustine in San Marcos. Hopefully I can get into one of these schools.

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