Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bday Dinner @ Jerry's Famous!

Everyone I know has at least one favorite restaurant that they get giddy-excited for when they go. For me that place is Jerry's Famous Deli, I'm salivating just thinking about it. I forget when my obsession with this place started but I know that it began over 10 years ago. The closest one to me is right by South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center; there are also several others in the LA area. If you haven't been go NOW! It doesn't matter what kind of food you feel like eating because they have something for everyone. The food is almost on the pricey side but the portions are huge.... I mean HUGE so you get your moneys worth.

Somehow it has become a tradition to go there for my birthday dinner so last night my family and boyfriend went there to celebrate and it did not disappoint. I started the dinner off with the Blue Bikini martini which was delicious and made me want to go back to Hawaii...but when don't I want to?
My mom thinks it's funny that everything I have has some turquoise. Drink, phone cover, necklace.
What can I say? It's "my color."

For dinner I was feeling like pizza so I had the NYC White Pizza(though I almost ordered chocolate chip pancakes). Yummmm! I really want to make my own now. It had Ricotta cheese, Mozzarella, Oregano, and no tomato sauce. As usual, I piled on the red pepper flakes for some heat. It was very tasty and not heavy at all!
And what's a birthday celebration without dessert, right? We ordered a brownie sundae but who new it would be soooooo big!! I felt like I was on Man vs Food. No it wasn't that big but still! Thank goodness I had my dad and boyfriend there to help!
I would definitely recommend Jerry's to any one and can't wait to go again! Maybe I'll convince someone to go with me sooner so I don't have to wait until my next birthday. Any takers?!

What is your favorite restaurant?

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Fabiana said...

I love Jerry's! Yum! Happy birthday...check out my Beverly Hills Housewives post if you get a chance!

~ciao from Newport Beach~