Monday, June 27, 2011

Hawaiian Dreams

Lately I've been thinking about Hawaii a lot. And I mean A LOT! I'm seriously craving Hawaii so much right now I feel like I might burst. Yes, it's that bad...
Last August my family and boyfriend took a trip to Oahu for a family friend's wedding and we had the time of our lives. Yes, any time in Hawaii is amazing but this trip was the best.
 The brilliant turquoise water, amazing weather, gorgeous beaches! Waimea Bay is by far my favorite beach ever. I'd love to go back even for a few hours of floating in the water and resting on the sand! Sometimes I check a surf report app on my Iphone just to see what its like at Waimea; I'm not a surfer but I want to know the water temp and air temp.
And there is nothing like Matsumoto's shaved ice in Haleiwa, North Shore. Drooling now. Here are some more pictures from last year's trip!
sunset view from our hotel room at the Ilikai. 
It is a fabulous hotel! I highly recommend it!
view of the Hilton Hawaiian Village from our room
Aaron and I under the Waimea Falls
rainbow from our hotel room
Mai Tai cocktail hour at the wedding reception at the Royal Hawaiian
Bye bye Hawaii :-(
Sadly I don't know when I will be able to go back again mainly because Grad School is pretty pricey but I will keep dreaming of Hawaii and the beaches. 

What's your favorite vacation spot? Anyone going on any exciting trips this summer?


Leslee said...

Hawai'i by far is my fav vacation spot!!! Followed closely by Seattle, WA (since our Son lives there now).

Lovely pics of Hawai', thanks for sharing...

Amanda Nguyen said...

wow...what a wonderful trip you had!! totally didn't realize that you were the Becca I went to middle school with!!! I didn't recognize you til I saw the pic of you and your boyfriend!!!!! haha glad we're keeping in touch via blog!

Becca said...

@Amanda hahaha yup it's me! You posted your blog on facebook so I decided to follow lol.