Monday, June 27, 2011

Recent Purchases

This weekend I had some success when it came to shopping. I didn't mean for it to be a "shopping weekend" but ya know sometimes it just turns out that way.

One of my shopping to-do's is to get some new plain t-shirts. I've worn the same plain shirts for over 3 years(I know it's sad). Finally I admitted to myself it is time to phase them out and replace them. Thank goodness for Target! They came to my rescue once again! I only bought 3 shirts but will most likely go back and get more later.
 Yup, super plain but they work and fit well!
Next at Target I decided to invest in some dry-shampoo. I've heard from many that it works wonders. Normally I just use baby powder but my powder smells kind of funny so I said what the heck and bought some. I've used it once and so far so good. Plus it smells better than the baby powder! Yay!
Next on a trip to South Coast Plaza to pick up some of mom's St. John knits she had altered. I had to go into Zara because they were having a massive sale! And I snatched up this shirt for $20. I really like the coral color and that the lines aren't perfectly straight.
**Update: I will need to exchange it for a smaller size as 
it is a tad bit too big around the arm holes**

Although it's not mine, I'm counting one last purchase as a victory in my book. My mom has been in desperate need of new shorts. She's at her goal weight from being on Weight Watchers but she was still wearing her shorts from before she lost the weight. We walked into Gap to browse and she tried on some shorts that weren't quite right then I pulled out a pair of shorts that she hadn't tried yet. She gave me a weird look and didn't want to try them but I insisted she at least try them. And they fit perfectly!! She was so shocked and I was(and still am) so excited for her, and me for picking them! She bought 3 pairs haha. 

So moms out there, sometimes it pays to listen to your daughters!

Next purchases I'm thinking of getting are a pair of Toms shoes and maybe a casual blazer.


Caitlin C. said...

I have one of the Target shirts in pink and I LOVE it - favorite t-shirt status. And I love the top you bought from Zara.. shopping weekends are fun aren't they? :)

Jenna Lee said...

All of my plain tees are from target. They fit well and I dont mind replacing them in a year because they are so cheap. Love that striped shirt!