Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Adventures

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and it ended up being a fabulous day, as it should haha. I started the morning off by going to spin class at the gym to sweat up a storm and it was a success! 23 miles in an hour...ouch! The rest of the day consisted of a Starbucks birthday drink, a greasy slice of cheese pizza, 2 hours of sun worshiping at the pool, shopping spree with my man, and a birthday bonfire put on by my bff and boyfriend. It was a great day! Here are some of my gifties and pics of my b-day :-)
I've wanted one of these for a long time now. I really enjoy cooking and can't wait to use this a bunch this summer! If you have any good recipes that calls of an Immersion blender please let me know!
I fell in love with Lululemon(more on my obsession here) so my boyfriend spoiled me by taking me there bought me a tank top and running shorts!  The shorts were the same style as my last pair but a different color.
I was tempted to pick a jacket but I needed more workout clothes than a jacket. Even though a jacket would be a nice addition to my collection. *Sigh* Maybe someday...
 Sunset at Aliso Creek Beach from my birthday bonfire

It was a great day! Anyone else have a fabulous weekend?

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