Friday, June 10, 2011

Loco for Lululemon!

Having dabbled in Bikram yoga here and there, I've been aware of the brand Lululemon. The skinny and incredibly flexible yoga girls always looked so good in any of the outfits they wore. For some reason I thought that because I wasn't serious enough about it(not to mention as flexible) I shouldn't even bother looking at the brand. Well, I was sure wrong!
On a recent shopping outing in South Coast Plaza, I decided to wander into the store to see what all the hype was about.You know, maybe try on a few things and then walk out with the same debit card balance...HAH WRONG! All the products felt and looked so good! I decided to start with running shorts because my tried and true Nike's started to chafe(OUCH!) and with an upcoming half marathon that's a no go! So they got me hooked with the Turbo Run Short...that's when I went out of control.
So since the shorts felt so good, why not try some shirts? Right? What could go wrong? It's not like they'd fit perfectly or anything....
The Cool Racerback Tank was heaven.
And the Run:Swiftly Racerback  felt like butter(in a good smooth way, not greasy lol)!
And why wouldn't I try a matching bra? The 50-rep bra is so supportive in all the right spots for me!
 So the grand total was a shock but once I worked out in them, I knew I was hooked! They felt good, looked good, and made me feel like a rock star! Yes, they are PRICEY but so worth it! Since it's my birthday month I'm hoping for some extra money or gift cards to support my new addiction. I even got a friend to convert. Sorry Nike, I'm a lulu girl now. Maybe from now on I'll stick to getting one thing at a time, for my bank account's sake at least...

Anyone else a Lululemon lover? Any other gear from them that I MUST have?


Jenna Lee said...

I love those shorts! They look super comfy

natasha {schue love} said...

I just love LuLu Lemon...great finds! :)

Amanda Nguyen said...

LOVE LULU! used to work there...flat seams=no chafing. and since most items are a lycra/nylon blend (luon), then it's great 4-way stretch, is moisture-wicking (sweat evaporating), retains color(s) will ultimately last you a LIFETIME if you take care of it. they usually don't do "SALES" but check towards the end of the seasons for big markdowns! :)