Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Latest Obsessions(possibly addictions?!)

1. Sparkling Ice drinks! Yum! These are carbonated drinks that you can get in huge packs at Costco. They have no calories, carbs, sugars, or even sodium(weird huh?!) although they do have artificial sweeteners. And for a diet/no-calorie drink they are pretty darn good!
2. The Voice! Since the first day I have been hooked on this show! Finally a show based on pure vocal talent and not just looks! I'm so bummed that its over Wednesday night. I've been fighting the urge to buy each song on iTunes so hopefully a full CD will come out soon. However, I will admit I've been disappointed with Christina's stylists. They have not been picking many flattering things or hair styles and I can't keep blaming the camera angles either... Sorry Christina, still love you!
I'm not sure who I really really want to win. I think it will be between Dia and Vicci though in the end. But regardless of who wins, the final four will probably all have record deals by Thursday morning!

3. Nine West Braxton espadrilles. From the moment I saw these beauties in April I swooned over them so much that I finally convinced myself to buy them(also when my size came back in stock). I've worn them several times already and love them even more each time! I've gotten plenty of compliments and even though they are 5 inches my feet don't hurt after a few hours. YAY!  If you want them you may have to hunt unless you have bigger sized feet(check Nine West, Piperlime, and Nordstroms).
4. Have pale skin and need to wear high SPF sunscreen but hate the thick feeling? Then Anthelios 60 Ultra Light sunscreen is for you by La Roche-Posay. It is recommended for people with oily skin(that's me!) and it isn't heavy at all or give any shininess. I wear it under my make-up too.
5. A patient at my work has connections everywhere and luckily for us, he brings us in yummy treats like these Biscoff coffee cookies! They are sooooo good by themselves but even better when you dip them in coffee. The melt in your mouth and kind of taste like grown-up Teddy Grahams! If you get excited about a cup of coffee in the morning just wait until you try your cup of Joe with this Biscoff cookies!

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Jenna Lee said...

LOVE those wedges! So pretty... I love wedges in the summer!