Monday, June 13, 2011

OC Housewives Reunion

For the past few years Bravo TV has been my go-to channel for most of the favorite tv shows. By far the shows that I obsess the most over are the Real Housewife phenomenon. I love Orange County, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and lately I’ve been getting into New York. The Orange County seasons are still my favorites mainly because I live in Orange County so I know most of the places where they go. I also work very close to Coto de Caza and actually spotted a housewife at Starbucks(Tammy, season 3). One of them actually goes to my boyfriend's gym where he works. And a coworker of mine works at Tamra’s gym.  It’s funny how the seasons have developed throughout the years from everyone getting along at the first reunion to barely being able to sit near each other. 

I’ve followed the season religiously and the Reunion installments did not disappoint! There was so much Botox, bleached hair, boobs, and yelling in the room I don’t know how Andy doesn't go crazy!  Tamra accused everyone of being a "F-ing liar" and Alexis doesn’t know how to hold a conversation without giving naturally blondes a bad name or not get defensive about anything. My opinions on all the housewives from this season changed since the last. Peggy and Gretchen in my opinion are the only almost sane, reasonable(ish) women.

Besides the endless drama what I was pretty excited about was what the two sane women wore during the Reunion episodes. I love Peggy’s orange dress by Marisa Kenson.
And Gretchen’s dress by Lipsy was amazing and surprisingly affordable! 
Hopefully New York and New Jersey can amp up the drama to fill the void since another season of OC is over. Or even better Beverly Hills can come back(filming season 2)! Regardless, I can’t wait for more Housewife petty arguments and maybe a good table throwing!


Jenna Lee said...

I like Gretchen the best shes my favorite. Shes beautiful and true to herself. Tamra is awful and I cannot stand how evil she is... uggh! Love that show!

Anonymous said...

Sigh ... hubs and I don't have cable so I haven't been able to catch this show but it looks like a lot of silicone and drama ... bet it is entertaining :)

♥ Cat brideblu

Fabiana said...

Thanks for checking out my blog...yours is fun! Vicki looked puffy last night...couldn't figure it out. Maybe too much botox. Tamra is a nightmare...the other three are kind of entertaining. I wonder who will be back next season?! NJ is, whoa, scary! Wouldn't want to mess with them. And NY is fun too. Ramona is hilarious to watch!

ciao ciao!