Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was nice and relaxing. I'm trying to enjoy as many of them as I can before school starts and then my weekends will consist of studying a bunch and trying to keep my sanity.

On a hunt at night for the perfect dessert my boyfriend and I decided to stop by one of our favorite restaurants Lazy Dog Cafe.  It happened to be happy hour so we decided to get some drinks at the bar.
The boyfriend got some pizza and we shared a dessert which of course I forgot to take a picture of! I was working on my 2nd pink lemonade drop martini...oops! It was chocolaty and peanut buttery though! It was pretty fun people watching and talking to others at the bar who were also people watching.

Saturday I did some shopping with mom, we didn't get anything exciting enough to report though. After that I waited for my man to get back from work so we could do "Cheeseburger Saturday."

Yup, you read right Cheeseburger Saturday! I eat pretty well during the week but during the weekend I need at least one greasy meal complete with french fries. So we went to In 'N Out. It did not disappoint.

Then on Sunday I putz around the house for most of the day and made some cookies. Bethenny Frankel's Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip cookies. I've made them a few times and they are just sooooo good! Also, healthy and filling! I also have come to the conclusion that all the cookies I make look like turds when photographed but they taste delicious! These are a must try!
Did you do anything fun this past weekend? Was it a relaxing weekend or super busy?


ashley said...

love your blog. very cute! new follower :)

Jenna Lee said...

That cookie looks healthy and delicious!

Happy Monday

Natalie said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and hey I'll take that drink and pizza off your hands!

colleen said...

oh i love this post. 1 - because i too eat healthy during the week and allow myself to have fun during the weekend. yay for fatty food time! 2 - I also make bethanny's cookies and they are an amaaaaazing way to eat chocolate chip cookies low fat. although i have changed it a bit to make it a bit better (in my opinion), and i call them my "muffin top" cookies because they have the consistency of a muffin and they take away your muffin top! message me if you want any tips on them!