Monday, September 19, 2011

Bath for Max!

Does anybody else's dog love to lay in the dirt and sun? Because Max sure does! He just soaks up the sun and is way too cute but wayyyyyy to dirty!!

A couple weeks ago I figured it was about time to give the stinky boy a bath and take pictures, of course. He's the only dog I've had that will actually stay put outside while being bathed instead of having to be tied up.

Here are some pictures from after our bath time fun.
Running around to dry off. Love those ears!
He kind of hops like a bunny when he runs
Ready to play!!

He loves that tire!
Told you, a bunny!

Happy, clean boy!
I'm thinking of getting a kiddy pool for him to relax in on a hot day when I can't bathe him.

What a handsome boy, right?!


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Awwww, Max, you are PRECIOUS!

Madigan just sits in the tub and looks up at us like, "Why do you hate me? What did I DO???" But she's cool with the blowdryer which is good because pomeranians take a lot of grooming.

Ruthie Hart said...

hahaha this looks like a crazy bath time!! luckily Ernie can be bathed in the tub (but he hates it!)

Amanda said...

Your pup is so cute! I want one of own!!!

Coley said...

Omygosh I just laughed out loud! He is so stinkin cute!

Meg {henninglove} said...

yah i finally get to see photos of max. he is adorable and i love the hopping like a bunny kip does the same thing it is so cute! i think a kiddy pool is a great idea!

amy grace said...

Such a cutie!

Hollie Ann said...

Awe Max looks so friendly and happy! :)

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Ohh I love him!! So much energy, and it's like bath time is a energy provider. Bella is the same way, gets totally crazy after a bath. Yes to a kiddie pool!