Monday, September 26, 2011


Hi everyone! I can't believe I missed Friday's Fancies last week! :( I totally put off writing a paper that was due Friday so unfortunately my favorite post of the week got neglected. I hope you all can forgive me.

Since being in school I've been missing out on some vary important things!
 -Reading all of your blog's posts. I feel so deprived.
-Biggest Loser!

I'm still so upset that school work got in the way of watching the Biggest Loser Premiere last week. Anyone addicted to that show like me?! Hopefully I can watch it this week but I have my first midterm coming up so we will see...

-SHOPPING(and spending money)!!
I really do miss shopping and being able to spend money on things I want. I don't really consider buying scalpels for anatomy lab very fun.

If I was working and able to spend money on things here is a list of things on my wish list at the moment.
1. None of you should be surprised that something from Lululemon is on my list. I really really want a Scuba hoodie because it's getting colder and they are so comfortable. I bought a Define jacket before school and have been loving it so next thing is a heavier jacket for winter and the freezing classrooms.
2. I really want some good looking, classy rain-boots. When it rains I always seem to look like a bum with no style(or a mirror) when it rains during school I think it's because I don't have rainboots that are versatile. When I saw these Hunter Boots from Nordstrom I knew I'd love them. Now I want them. And still can't buy them.
3. Yes, I'm lame. I want a new backpack to fit a bunch of stuff in. Dakine has some really nice ones, including some that fit a computer in. I don't take my computer to school right now because my current backpack won't fit it.
4. I posted about this watch about a week ago and still can't get it off my mind. I'm really hoping Santa thinks I've been a good to girl so I can have this beauty in my stocking...then on my wrist.
5. Don't laugh but I wish I could afford to buy Starbucks often and even second guess it like I used to. I decided that I deserve to treat myself to one a week on a day when I really need it like Thursday or Friday. The on campus Starbucks is super expensive too! What the heck?!

Did you have a good weekend? Anything on your wish list?!


Julie said...

I definitely have a wishlist...All sorts of things that I'd love to have but are slightly out of my price range. Growing up starting in like August anytime I wanted anything my mom would inform me that "Christmas is coming" so I've always been a pretty good wishlist maker!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Love those rainboots and I've been dying to see the biggest loser. I hear it is a great show. :)

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love the rain boots! I just got the classic hunter rain boots in red and absolutely love them! And I love the Lululemon sweatshirt, I love everything lululemon! My mom and I are going to start dvring Biggest Loser so we don't miss it! I hope you have a wonderful monday!

Hollie Ann said...

Those rainboots are fabulous Becca!!!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I think I would die without my lattes. But Starbucks certainly is pricey!!

Those boots are super cute. I hope they find their way into your closet!

REBrown said...

I missed TBL too! I'm going to have to catch up soon - it's such a motivator.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i agree with you i don't like spending my money on necessary stuff and not having a lot for the stuff i really want. those boots are really cute and that watch is gorgeous